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About DS-Datasoft

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DS-Datasoft was founded 1992 as consulting engineers and was changed to
DS-Datasoft GmbH in the year 2000.
Since 2004 it trades under DS-Datasoft GmbH&Co.KG.

The beginning years were focused on the development of programing tools.
Increasingly the focal point moved to programing individual IT enterprise solutions.

Our target was always to adapt the software to the company's operating procedure integrating the production- and information chain so effective as possible.

With an individual IT enterprise solution the company's know how and abilities can be an advantage in market competition.

With the introduction of Windows the requirement increased to move DOS programs to Windows. Hereby easy port facilities were used.
The core of our business activities are new developments geared to the customer's demand.
This covers from analysis of the operating procedure, to plan out a concept, the realization of database design to the user interface and the introduction with teaching.
Our clients are renowned middle-class enterprises in Europe.

A part of our previous IT solutions spectrum spans:

With a flexible, target oriented IT solution a company can operate quickly and efficiently in the market.
industrial trade, i.e. barbers (customer care, recipe administration, cash desk with accounting, and operation analysis, aso.)
enterprise resource planning for  commerce
production engineering for industrial manufacturing (termination, efficiency, determination of material requirements, optimization, aso.)
complete enterprise control system for inquiry, offer, order, production, delivery,  invoice, aso.
quality assurance and documentation for manufacturing and products
dispatch handling for parcel services
internet solutions like webshop, customer information portal, helpdesk, aso
solutions for administration departments
enhancements to existing IT applications
Smartphone database applications
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