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Visual DBU (database crossplatform)
Developer products for Xbase++ 2.x  (supported)
Base installation
0.0 Build 000 00.00.0000
Connectivity Products
Developer Products (free of charge)
Freeware Tools
dated 12/02/21  build
Installing DS-Datasoft products
If you ordered a product at DS-Datasoft jump directly to step 2.

1. DS-Datasoft product registration
After you received the temporary serialnumber from your distributor
you must register yourself with this serialnumber at our homepage
You will receive an email from DS-Datasoft with the final product serialnumber

2. Product installation
Start the product installation routine again and enter the final serialnumber.
The product will be installed now with the corresponding features.
dbXGen from 11/06/23 tool to create a filled table with any records and columns in any database system
All here listed products are functionable without limitation.
If you don’t have an licence key you can attempt these products as trial versions.
An existing licence key must be entered during the installation.
If your licence key is expired (valid 1 year) you will get a message during installation.
To get an new valid licence key you must purchase a subscription renewal.

Attention: developer products for Xbase 2.x are not compatible with Xbase 1.9

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Visual DBU
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