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Alaska Software

DS-Datasoft GmbH & Co.KG is specialized in providing IT-consulting services
and software solutions to the industry. Further we are business- and technology partner of  Alaska Software Inc.

Project Realisation

DS-Datasoft offers complete system development, reorganization or enhancements of existing systems. We perform qualified working, starting with specification, database design, analyse of production flow, application design, documentation until introduction and teaching of the users.

Project Support

DS-Datasoft completely develops or acquires the elements necessary for project completion. This takes full advantage of our state-of-the-art know-how. The project specifications can be created either by DS-Datasoft or the customer.


We develop Web applications for your internet presentation with database integration.


DS-Datasoft offers training for Xbase++, our products or individual IT projects

AddOn Tools for Xbase++ developer

AddOn-libraries for Xbase++ developer for easier programming:
XClass, AdsClass, PQClass, SqlXppClass
The libraries are programmed with Xbase++ and can be acquired with sourcecode.

Visual DBU for maintenance of databases

Visual DBU can access all kind of databases. Data can be sighted, manipulated, scanned and exported/imported to other databases.

DS-Datasoft, Technology Partner von Alaska Software
DS-Datasoft, Business Partner von Alaska Software
Visual DBU
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