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Add-on Library for Alaska Xbase++ for Windows, 32/64 Bit.
Makes it easy to build GUI-applications with the true Windows Look&Feel
Table classes supporting all features of Advantage Database Server by use of the ADS-API. (no workarea, ADSDBE is not required)
Management tool to display, manipulate, query or reporting databases/tables. Supported are DBF, ADT/ADS, ODBC, PostgreSQL
Table classes for PostgreSQL by use of the PQ-API
(no workarea, PQDBE is not required)

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0.0 Build 000 00.00.000
0.0 Build 000 00.00.000
0.0 Build 000 00.00.000
0.0 Build 000 00.00.000
0.0 Build 000 00.00.000
Table classes for ODBC datasources by use of the ODBC-API (no workarea, ODBCDBE is not required)  Requires SQLExpress
Freeware tool dbXGen from 11/06/23
With this tool a filled table with any number of records and columns can be created in any database system.

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Visual DBU
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