Version overview of PQClass

PQClass is a class to access PostgreSql database by API without need of any database engine

Version 3.0 Build 006 released 11/01/23
dsPQselect():DefaultWaitPointer new: class method
dsPQselect:WaitPointer new: object method
dsPQselect:SetScope new:
dsPQselect:GetScope new:
dsPQselect:Seek enhanced: 4th parameter lLast
dsPQselect:Seek enhanced: performance
dsPQselect:SeekLast new
dsPQapi changed: EXTERN calls to PQ API
dsPQconnection():FieldsCaseSensitiv new, class method
dsPQselect:SetRelationParams new
dsPQselect:SetRelation changed: parameters ident to Xbase dbSetRelation
dsPQselect:ScatterName enhanced: new parameters, ident to Xbase SCATTER NAME
dsPQselect:GatherName enhanced: new parameters, ident to Xbase SCATTER NAME
dsPQselect:OpenTable new: enhanced performance
dsPQconnection:OpenTable changed: parameters
dsPQconnection:DefaultCacheRecords obsolet
dsMemoryTable:FectchRows renamed: GatherRows
dsPQselect:Execute changed: new parameter lDescend
dsPQconnection:fieldexist enhanced: 3rd parameter: schmema
dsPQconnection:tableexist enhanced: 2nd parameter: schmema
dsPQconnection:listfiles enhanced: 2nd parameter: schmema
dsPQconnection:listfiles changed: tables in schema pg_catalog or information_schema are not listed
schema support enhanced: keyword public for internal selects for metadata removed
dsPQselect:seek enhanced: 3rd and 5th parameter ident to be syntax compatible with AdsClass
dsPQconnection:fieldexist fixed: caused error
dsPQconnection:fieldexists new: ident with fieldexist, now correct spelling
dsPQconnection:tableexists new: ident with tableexist, now correct spelling

Version 2.01 Build 003:
- complete code was optimized for Xbase++ workbench

dsMemoryTable      new: table class to handle an array with dataobjects
dsPQconnection:Replace      new create dynamically SQL UPDATE statement
dsPQconnection:Append      new create dynamically SQL INSERT statement
dsPQconnection:FetchValue      new get one tupel by SQL
dsPQconnection:FetchRow      new get one row by SQL
dsPQconnection:FetchRows      new get many rows by SQL
dsPQconnection:FetchXML      new get SQL resultset as XML stream
dsPQconnection:OpenSelect      enhanced: cTag can be 'primary'
dsPQconnection:OpenTable      enhanced: cTag can be 'primary'
dsPQselect:GatherName      new compatible with Xbase++ GATHER NAME
dsPQselect:ScatterName      new compatible with Xbase++ SCATTER NAME
dsPQselect:ScatterDataObject      obsolet, replaced by ScatterName(), changed parameter
dsPQselect:GatherDataObject      obsolet, replaced by GatherName(), changed parameter
dsPQconnection:DataobjectArray      obsolet, replaced by FetchRows(), extended parameter
dsPQconnection:Value      obsolet, replaced by FetchValue(),extended parameter
dsPQconnection:Row      obsolet, replaced by FetchRow(), extended parameter

Version 2.0 Build 002:
new API interface for using PostgreSQL (not compatible to PQClass 1.0)