Connecting Alaska Xbase++ to ODBC via SQLExpress
SqlXppClass needs a licence or trialversion of SQLExpress for Xbase++ and enables ODBC access to
SQL databases in cooperation with XClass++.
The functionality of SqlXppClass was enhanced with temporary indexes and the SQL queries can be
performed directly out of the connection class.
All data access will be performed only by access/assign method of the classobject. All DB
management (skipping, searching, indexing,..) will be done by methods.
SqlXppClass contains following classes:
dsSqlXppConnection() connection class, out of this all SQL queries can be performed
dsSqlBaseCursor base class for all cursor classes
dsSqlXppDataset() wrapper class for SQLExpress SqlDataset
dsSqlXppSelect() wrapper class for SQLExpress SqlSelect
dsSqlXppStatement() wrapper class for SQLExpress SqlStatement
Advantages of a table class
Access to tables by consistent objects. There is no workarea initialized. Objects can be
passed as parameters, even across threads,
Encapsulation of data access. The class is compatible to all other table classes of XClass++
which can be exchanged among each other. So upcoming techologies or new demands can
be integrated later without any changes to the sourcecode. Program code gets more
structured into different layers, seperating business logic from data access technology,
Supports all ODBC data types
The product includes samples with code to demonstrate the useage of the class.
It is shiped with HTML helpfile.
SqlXppClass and the samples can be downloaded from our homepage www.ds-datasoft.de.
SQLExpress for Xbase++ can be downloaded from the webside http://sqlexpress.net and is
necessary for the samples and for programming.