Modifications in SqlXppClass

Version 1.1 Build 040
dsMemoryTable      new: table class to handle an array with dataobjects
dsSqlXppConnection:OpenTable      fixed: building internal SQL string

Version 1.1 Build 038
- malfunction for connection reference for multiple opened connections solved
- Structure type for "Text" is now "M"
- dsSqlXppBaseCursor supports the ord* methods like: ordIsDescend, ordCount, ordList, ordNumber, ordName

dsSqlXppConnection:OpenSelect      modified:
dsSqlXppConnection:OpenTable      modified for use with MySql
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:dbEval      new: see Xbase++ help dbEval()
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:GetPrimaryField      modified:
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:GetPrimaryKey      modified:
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:GetPrimaryValue      modified:
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:IndexKeyValue      new: get field value of current indexkey
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:ordCreate      new: create index order
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:ordDestroy      new: destroy index order
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:ordKey      new: get indexkey
dsSqlXppBaseCursor:ordSetFocus      new: activate index order
dsSqlXppDataset:init      modified: 1st parameter enhanced
dsSqlXppSelect:init      modified: 1st parameter enhanced
dsSqlXppDataSet:continue      new: continue a locate search
dsSqlXppDataSet:locate      new: search any value