List of modifications for Visual DBU

Version 6.5.243 Release: 01/24/2024
Address for hotline message in case of an error was changed

Version 6.5.242 Release: 11/22/2023
fixed: update message is displayed to much
fixed: open adt-table or mixed table types by drag&drop

Version 6.5.241 Release: 11/06/2023
fixed: XClass.dll: error memo field edit

Version 6.5.241 Release: 11/02/2023
changed: display of used DBE for PostgreSql
fixed: invalid data path in project repository
fixed: dialog for memo and blob fields doesn't open if readonly

Version 6.5.240 Release: 10/18/2023
new: PqClass 3.0 for PostgreSql: for better access
new: VDBU supports multiple schemes in a PostgreSQL session
new: key Ctrl+C copies a complete record into clipboard
new: any file type can be loaded into blob fields
new: the contents of blob fields can be exported to hard disk
new: char binary fields can be edit
fixed: "Goto Column" dialog: function of Close button
fixed: expression check for replacing field with field divided by field
fixed: replacing field zero if division by null

Version 6.5.239 Release: 06/02/2023
fixed: table export->entering a converting expression
fixed: csv table: sorting character columns
new: num2date() converts columns of numberical or string numbers to date in table export->converting expression
  Converting expression: num2date(x, "yyyymmdd") or {|x| num2date(x, "yyyymmdd")}
  1st parameter is place holder for current column value
  2nd parameter is the format of the numbers Default: "yyyymmdd"
new: VDBU registration without new start
new: libraries

Version 6.5.238 Release: 05/12/2023
fixed: create column sorting in CSV file

Version 6.5.237 Release: 04/05/2023
fixed: toggle checkbox for logical field
new: libraries

Version 6.5.236 Release: 03/01/2023
new: Connection/property dialog for oDBC modified. It's recommended to build up all connections new.
new: ODBC access to PostgreSQL supports schematas
modified: PostgreSQL dialog for connection properties
fixed: field type assign in export data

Version 6.5.235 Release: 02/06/2023
new: with the login to a Postgres database, the database schema must now be set. Default is "public"
new/fixed: when exporting any table to a Postgres database: the set Postgres schema will be considered

Version 6.5.234 Release: 11/07/2022
new: new libraries included
fixed: when CSV properties never where set, an empty field was replaced with chr(0) instead of space
new: the path used by "create dbf" has temp as default. Another path setting will be the new default.
fixed: ODBC in some databases display structure didn't work
fixed: ODBC display SqLite view definiton
fixed: ODBC displaying tables with spaces inside table name
new: ODBC for PostgreSql, MySql, SQLite: displaying triggers, functions, procedures and views

Version 6.5.233 Release: 04/12/2022
fixed: sometimes closing index dialog leads to an error
fixed: some smaller bugfixes and new libraries

Version 6.5.232 Release: 01/15/2022
fixed: in table browse field arrangement is sustained after zap/pack
fixed: x-position fault of column header to column position

Version 6.5.231 Release: 12/14/2021
fixed: DBFNTX creating an index with for condition
fixed: User defined extensions inside Project panel

Version 6.5.230 Release: 12/02/2021
new: during setup creating desktop icon can be avoided
fixed: ADS DD modify structure: if modify not possible the display of changed structue was lost

Version 6.5.229 Release: 11/02/2021
fixed: table structure report: field counter display
fixed: PostgreSQL faulty SQL statement leads to VDBU error
fixed: PostgreSQl: triggers were not displayed
fixed: timestamp field was not editable in browse
fixed: PostgreSQL and ODBC: primary key fields were editable

Version 6.5.228 Release: 10/04/2021
fixed: PostgreSql/ODBC SQL keyword as column name in query
fixed: in SQl resultset show null value via popup menu as colored background

Version 6.5.227 Release: 09/21/2021
new: numeric columns can displayed with thousands separators via right click on column header
new: if thousand separators are visible, the table report shows them too
new: if thousand separators are visible, the edit dialog shows them too
fixed: date fault in ADS tables
fixed: edit dialog: entry fields to short
fixed: internal refresh on Postgres tables

Version 6.5.226 Release: 09/03/2021
fixed: selecting a DBE during project creation
fixed: restore workarea with linked tables and missed child index
fixed: jump for edit into autoinc field
fixed: select column index after creating the related field

Version 6.5.225 Release: 05/19/2021
new: drag&drop + pressed Ctrl-key opens dialog for determining the DBE and extensions
new: drag&drop settings for file extensions and DBE will be saved
fixed: FOXCDX create autoinc field

Version 6.5.224 Release: 04/28/2021
new: file(s) open with drag&drop: a dialog appears to set the DBE and extensions
fixed: mark buttons inside the file select dialog didn't work
new: for DBF and FOX tables the extension can be determined for projects too
new: CSV/SDF settings inside export data will be saved

Version 6.5.222 Release: 01/27/2021
fixed: menu "show deleted records" is wrong marked
fixed: if user extensions are set and a table is opened by drag&drop, sometimes a wrong DBE was used
fixed: double fieldnames in structure leads to wrong message
new: via drag&drop can be droped several files
fixed: relational linked tables: replacing a parent table's field with fields of child tables with alias operator over all records
fixed: add field to table structure

Version 6.5.221 Release: 10/04/2020
fixed: write problem writing into C:\ProgramData during installation
fixed: wrong update message

Version 6.5.220 Release: 09/21/2020
fixed: save functionality in PostgreSQL dialog connection property
fixed: browse with many columns/rows and scroll with permanent keystroke (no stack overflow)
new: PostgreSql resultset can be browsed with any number of records (no more out of memory!)
new: PostgreSql record cache size can be set for every connection

Version 6.5.219 Release: 06/18/2020
changed: append new record now without confirmation
fixed: search and selection in table/index dialog
fixed: under circumstances VDBU can not write temporary- and setting files
new: all temporary- and setting files are now stored in Documents\VisaulDBU
new: settings for edit mode enhanced with jump to next row and cell editable immediately

Version 6.5.218 Release: 05/18/2020
improved: export data/copy structure direct into repository
new: vdbu data is now located in c:\programmdata\vdbu for better installation
new: display entries in projekt-/ADS repository can be edit with F2 key
improved: table-/index file multi selection
new: DBF-/ADS repository: DBFNTX/DBFCDX/FOXCDX/ADSNTX tables: added index files can be stored for reopening
new: recent files: last used index files are be stored for reopening
new: DBFNTX/DBFCDX/FOXCDX/ADSNTX open index automatical can be switched off in file selection
new: last used size of table/index selection dialog will be saved

Version 6.5.217 Release: 03/05/2020
fixed: paste into entry field positions now the cursor behind the pasted value
fixed: delete/create index tag table browse displays now the right field order
fixed: data export into existing DBF-project

Version 6.5.216 Release: 02/05/2020
fixed: pack DBF table

Version 6.5.215 Release: 01/07/2020
fixed: with the start of the data list only the 1st record was displayed

Version 6.5.214 Release: 12/09/2019
fixed: zap DBF w/o index
fixed: modify structure mismatched field position
some other modifications for stabilisation

Version 6.5.212 Release: 07/19/2019
fixed: error with export data under special conditions
fixed: record edit dialog for numeric field

Version 6.5.211 Release: 05/02/2019
fixed: build new ADS connection via ADS management dialog
fixed: build new ADS connection with password
improved: PostgreSQL/ODBC display structure of big table
fixed: VDBU update message

Version 6.5.210 Release: 04/12/2019
improved: login dialog for PostgreSQL
improved: PostgreSQL connection can set to remember for password
fixed: PostgreSQL runnung SQL statement inside own thread

Version 6.5.209 Release: 02/05/2019
improved: messages for database failures during export/import
changed: messages for system failures now in English again

Version 6.5.208 Release: 12/10/2018
fixed in ADS: create / delete index without table browse
fixed in table browse: index combobox can be expanded by mouse click on it
fixed: context menu inside repository can be expanded with F10 key
fixed: incremental search in repository didn't sometimes work proper
improved: open tables maximizeed
improved: log in PostgreSQL database

Version 6.5.205 Release: 11/17/2018
ADS Dictionary new: remove table from dictionary
ADS Dictionary new: AutoCreateIndex in dictionary properties
ADS Dictionary new: DefaultIndex in dictionary properties
ADS Dictionary new: Link to other ADS dictionaries
ADS Dictionary/DBF-Project can contain tables from various folders
ADS Dictionary/DBF-Project: tabel properties enhanced with "Save" button
ADS Management: dialog position corrected
ADS Management: the file view is now sorted
DBF-Project property dialog enhanced
DBF-Project: (only NTX) in index dialog an added index can be gathered into the DBF project
Export CDX/ADI to NTX: Tags out of CDX/ADI will be stored as NTX files
Import convert expression: the following parameters are passed: field value of data source, source table object, target table object
Export convert expression: the following parameters are passed: field value of data source, source table object
in Export-/Import conversion dialog: Delete key removes the field for export/import
Fixed: creating table

Version 6.5.198 Release: 05/23/2018
fixed some faults inside ADS library

Version 6.5.197 Release: 05/22/2018
fixed replace bulg of data: internal data structure error
fixed error with dsProgressItem and display

Version 6.5.196 Release: 03/06/2018
fixed PostgreSQL: export/import of PQ data with empty date/timestamp fields
fixed ADS: add new table to dictionary
fixed VDBU: RAM consumption when iconized

Version 6.5.195 Release: 01/23/2018
solved: select table for import w/o selection and leaving VDBU
solved: search sometimes shows an error
solved: ADS modify table structure
solved: seek value without index
solved: progressitem failure

Version 6.5.194 Release: 12/20/2017
solved: display of timestamp fields
changed: timestamp fields may not be editable
solved: scollbar behavior for repository
solved: export with for condition

Version 6.5.193 Release: 11/27/2017
solved: creating new index file
solved: creating column index
solved: some session behaviours

Version 6.5.192 Release: 11/17/2017
Win-API interface modified
solved: Win-API error when system error accurs

Version 6.5.191 Release: 11/15/2017
solved: indexing columns for NTX,CDX,VFP
solved: display of new update

Version 6.5.190 Release: 11/14/2017
Softseek setting inside the browse dialog only for current data
Export of data/structure to PostgreSQL or ODBC:
- automatical typ converting into typed field
- primary key definition or creating an autoinc primary key
PostgreSql or ODBC:
- creating temp. sorting (like DBF Index)
- sorting with functional fields: e.g. upper(last);dtos(Tag)
- search with wildcards like * or ? e.g. bo* or b?lder
Changing on import of data: table with import data must be opened at first
Searching in data browse for all kind of databases: with wildcards over index/sort or without, search expression over any fields

Version 6.4.185 Release: 04/24/2017
When inside the memofield editor a marked string was deleted with the "Delete" key one letter more was deleted
Some other tiny improvements

Version 6.4.184 Release: 04/07/2017
Edit of ADS decimal fields corrected
Installation routine corrected

Version 6.4.183 Release: 03/27/2017
Export/import of CSV files: tabulator sign as field token fixed

Version 6.4.182 Release: 03/24/2017
Export/import of CSV files: the fieldtoken can be selected or entered free as letter or as chr(n)
Installation notes the Windows user roles. Therefore the license number must be entered with the installation.
Inside VDBU the license number can no more be entered.

Version 6.4.181 Release: 02/21/2017
Display of tables with many logical fields improved
Append for ADS tables corrected

Version 6.4.180 Release: 02/06/2017
Endless loop on data export/import error solved
Column sorting in data browse improved
For-/while expression in data export, -import and -queries modified
Modify data structure improved
Behaviour for empty values in scope corrected
Export to Excel with ActiveX or ODBC

Version 6.4.170 Release: 08/02/2016
Several Bugs fixed (i.a. filter, scope, browse size, opening tables)
Alias IDs fro SQL tables now unique
handling of temp. sortings improved

Version 6.4.168 Release: 07/13/2016
Error with ADS free table solved

Version 6.4.167 Release: 06/20/2016
Record oriented edit for PostgreSQL and ODBC modified

Version 6.4.166 Release: 06/15/2016
Selection of ADS fieldtypes corrected
SQL edit dialogs support now single- / multi dialogs for result sets
PostgreSQL allows now to create temporary indexes

Version 6.3.164 Release: 05/11/2016
PQClass from DS-Datasoft as PostgreSQL API class
temporary index filenames are now unique
CSV files: can be opened without typed fields too
CSV files: typed field structure can be modified
SQL tables which were opened directly can now import data

Version 6.3.161 Release: 01/08/2016
Export DBF to DBF indexes were not exported
DBF tables with DBFDBE are opened now always with OEM charset

Version 6.3.160 Release: 12/03/2015
Check for existing working folders of VDBU
Error during index creation will be catched
Sorting of memofield is avoided
Deleted records are now dyed again

Version 6.3.158 Release: 11/23/2015
SQL dialogs save automatically an adjustable number of statements
The number of saved SQL statements can be set inside setting dialog
"Goto field" dialog accepts now the fieldposition too
Fixed: change structure didn't display the modified table correct
Selection of visible fields: the listbox of non visible fields can be sorted too
ADS: modifying structure was not visible inside the opened browse
PostgreSQL: now works directly via the PG-API
some bugs were resolved
enhanced login possibilities for ODBC and PostgreSQL
Export of table into another database offers the possibility to add or insert additional fields

Version 6.1.152 Release: 04/10/2015
Solved: append a record in data browse leads to an error
Position of some dialogs corrected if two monitors are used
PostgreSQL access enhanced
Modify structure: inserted field at first position was not visible at once
Export/Import from CSV file improved

Version 6.1.151 Release: 02/13/2015
now big CSV files can be displayed and modified

Version 6.1.150 Release: 01/16/2015
Solved: DBF names with special character could not be opened.
Solved: structure modification of DBF with memofile leads to of memo data

Version 6.1.149 Release: 12/02/2014
DBE for export into a SQL table was not available
Modifing a table structure leads to a table lock error
When VDBU is closed the position and size of browse dialogs are saved and are set with a new VDBU start
to browse dialogs in the same order
VDBU remembers for maximized browse dialog
For using the new feature position and size there is a checkbox inside the "global settings" dialog
and in the menus is a prompt to reset it.

Version 6.1.148 Release: 11/10/2014
Error inside the table import dialog removed
PostgreSQL connection registration improved
Opening of connections of PostgreSQL and ODBC out of repositiory improved

Version 6.1.147 Release: 10/10/2014
User file extensions has own DBE determination

Version 6.1.146 Release: 10/09/2014
add missing DLL to installation
Check for updates improved

Version 6.1.145 Release: 10/09/2014
Table browse accepts now table field names which are like function names, e.g. RECNO
User defined file extensions improved

Version 6.1.144 Release: 09/19/2014
Bak file extension for table structure modifications changed
Auto update check can be set inside the setting dialog

Version 6.1.143 Release: 09/16/2014
Supports nativ access to PostgrSQL databases
Checks for updates
Considers the dimension and presence of further monitors
VDBU desktop version considers the size and position of the taskbar
VDBU desktop version remembers for its last position and size
VDBU desktop version repository can be moved horizontal along the application width
SQL query dialogs can perform SQL statements in same or in new thread
SQL query dialogs can now close together all its child browser
Improved registration for future versions of VDBU

Version 6.1.142 Release: 07/01/2014
Field edit dialog now editable and resizeable
Display og logical fields as checkbox improved
Memo-/Imagefield dialog displays current record number

Version 6.1.141 Release: 05/21/2014
An error with bulk operation for ADS tables solved

Version 6.1.140 Release: 07.05.2014
New installation program CreateInstall is used
User settings will now be saved inside the user's document folder
SQL dialog handling is improved
Native PostreSQL access
Table data export creates existing indexes in target table too
VDBU user data are saved specific acc. VDBU login
Table drag&drop considers the default DBE
Login for encrypted tables improved
F2 key for renaming repository entries
Handling of repository improved
Support for VFP Dictionary
Export of any table type to ODBC (and PostgreSQL)
Supports relations from any kind of table to SQL child tables