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To purchase a subscription renewal, please click on the "Subscription" button. A new page will then open. Fill out this form and you will receive a voucher code by email.
Lite (supports only DBF, no subscription renewal)
Standard (supports DBF, ADT/ADS, ODBC, PostgreSQL)
Standard (w/o sourcecode
Developer (with sourcecode)
Standard (w/o sourcecode)
Developer (with sourcecode)
Developer (with sourcecode)
Developer (with sourcecode)
Products of Alaska Software
Xbase++ 2.0 Foundation
Xbase++ 2.0 Professional
Productivity Tools
Developer Products for Xbase++
Connectivity Classes for Xbase++
SqlXppClass (requires SQLExpress) table classes for ODBC datasources by use of the ODBC-API (no workarea, ODBCDBE is not required)
PQclass table classes for PostgreSQL by use of the PQ-API (no workarea, PQDBE is not required)
XClass++ Add-on Library for Alaska Xbase++ for Windows, 32/64 Bit. Enables easy building up GUI-applications with the true Windows Look&Feel
The listed proces are for new customers. Please ask for update prices!
AdsClass++ table classes supporting all features of Advantage Database Server by use of the ADS-API.
(no workarea, ADSDBE is not required)
Visual DBU Management tool to display, manipulate, query or reporting databases/tables. .
The purchase processing of our products takes place via MyCommerce Share-it
Our own products can be downloaded directly, all other products will be sent.
After purchase, an email with the license key is sent to the buyer.

Product runtime:
All our own products are available with a 1-year subscription.
When ordering for the first time, the product can be updated with the latest version
for 1 year. After that a subscription renewal for 1 year can be purchased..

Purchase subscription renewal:
If more than 3 months have passed between subscription expiration and purchase intention, no subscription renewal can be purchased!
Online product purchase
Standard (w/o sourcecode)

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